Tutor services


If you are an aspiring writer and you feel that the short-stories listed on this site are an indicator that I have something to teach you, then please email me via the contact form. I offer to tutor at an hourly rate through audio chat. Certain discounts can be afforded to you in exchange for publication of your testimonial to this site.


The way I proceed 

  • The way I proceed is not by sitting down with you in the study of someone else’s work, and it isn’t with the goal of reviewing the random rules of basic language constructs. I much prefer to apply focus to where your real needs are by examining your own piece of writing. I would then analyze your text with you in terms of where you can improve and explain the reasons for those needed changes. The best way to learn is from taking notes of our own mistakes and applying that to present and future projects.
  • To be clear, I am not teaching the English language or about the history of literature. My services are to guide you in terms of advancing your writing skills.