Creative non-fiction

Author Of Rhyme

(TRIGGER WARNING) The author of rhyme rose from secluded corners of recollection, provoking the flickering of a vision behind my eyes. I felt the ghost of a hand under my sheets, then the brushing of his face against my cheek. Dark, defiled poetry sat inside me and whispered across my skin. Before experiencing the rhyme,… Continue reading Author Of Rhyme


The Devil Whispers

They say, still waters run deep; these four words made immortal by a combination of both wisdom and beauty. So much insight can be embodied within a short expression formed out of thoughtful observation. Still waters run deep, but I say, so do turbulent ones. I grew up by Shawinigan Falls. Locals knew about a… Continue reading The Devil Whispers

Fiction, Metaphor

Read Between The Lines

As a slim foretelling of light peered over the horizon, and as the grooves of the earth became visible for the first time, Truth came to be. Truth, the first of the storytellers, cast a long shadow; her only companion in the quiet existence where no language had yet formed. When there were no known… Continue reading Read Between The Lines